Michael (MSvB)

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz (MSvB) is a computer scientist specializing in cryptosecure hardware, embedded development, and serial communication.

Michael founded the Monero hardware team and currently serves as chairman of Monero Devices. His projects involve manufacturing and production of consumer and industrial electronics.

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Getting Started with the Konferenco Merchpack
Michael (MSvB)

Konferenco distributes the Monero Devices merchpack to a select group consisting of speakers, volunteers, and VIP ticket holders. If you are lucky enough to receive one, then you may want to know about the feature set of the various items in the merchpack. What are the different products, what does each one do, and how can they enrich your Konferenco experience?

We will review the Monero Devices merchpack as distributed at the event, and attempt to answer as many questions as we can in this brief presentation intended for novice users.

Studio 1 (La Fabrika)
Fireside Chat
Michael (MSvB)

Is it late and you want to relax with a cool drink by the warm fire?

Our Konferenco fireplace is a metal enclosure with burning oak wood, giving you the sweet scent of relaxation after a day full of workshops and speeches.

It is located just outside the bar, so grab a drink and meet us for a round of fun chats on the topic of your choice. There are no speakers or slides, it's just you and your friends. Cheers!


Please schedule this entry once on Friday and once on Saturday.

The begin time should be one hour before the last presentation begins.

The end time should be 22:00 or 21:30. We must stop all noise at 22:00.


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