Remote: Financial Censorship & the Opportunities it Presents for Monero
2023-06-25, 14:00–14:20 (Europe/Prague), Institute of Cryptoanarchy (Paralelní Polis)

This is a 20 minute presentation that covers instances of financial censorship (denial of service of transaction intermediaries such as credit card payments, PayPal and traditional banking) to individuals, businesses, industries and countries and how Monero can help overcome financial censorship and why it this infringement on financial liberty can help Monero achieve adoption as a currency and alternative to traditional finance.

The presentation examines both explicit uses of hard, government-executed financial censorship and subtler approaches such as Operation Chokepoint and attempts to contextualize the present hardships and friction felt by many cryptocurrency companies and individuals in the crypto space when interfacing with legacy financial institutions, as well as going into ways in which we can and should attempt to proliferate XMR as a means of payment.

Build Engineer, C++ Software Developer